Dear Friends,

My name is Donald Spoon, president and owner or Rick’s Tire Pros of Lubbock, Texas. We are one of the largest tire companies in West Texas with two locations. In addition, we also have several service trucks. Needless to say, we move a lot of tires!

I hope you will allow me to introduce a loyal customer of mine, Mike McDonald, inventor of the Tire Frog. Mike shared the Tire Frog with me, and immediately I saw how this tool could save me money! The tool is used to lift heavy tires quickly and efficiently onto the hub, saving time for my guys. I purchased several Tire Frogs for my shop. But Mike wanted us to test the product first. My guys in the shop have really used the product with excellent results for large tires. They can install a large tire within seconds! For my guys, the excitement of using the tool was not only the fast installation of the tire but the greatly reduced muscle strain on their backs and arms. In addition, my employees found the Tire Frog is a quick way to pull off those difficult tires. The Tire Frog is light weight but heavy enough to last for many years.

So of course this means savings on less sick days and less workman’s compensation. Less strain on my employees will also mean happier employees. Happy employees tend to stay with the company longer. For my shop, it is a great investment along with a tax write-off.

I am using the Tire Frog in both shops and in all of my services trucks. Since my employees wanted them for their vehicles too, I quickly realized this is a necessary tool for a lot of my customers. For this reason, we plan to retail them in our shops.

I hope you will take the time to speak with Mike McDonald or one of the sales representatives to see how the Tire Frog can save you money in your shop too!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Donald Spoon – 806.317.0730

1901 Texas Avenue & 7819 Slide Rd.
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